Ban maintenance complexity forever

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Use Cases

These are just a few of the ways people can use SynapseMX. As a mobile collaboration & workflow platform, it works great out of the box - or define custom workflows as unique as the business.

Operations Coordination, Team Efficiency, and Rapid Issue Response

People who don't live at a desk during the workday get turbocharged from having information pushed to them right on their phone or tablet. They can confidently work issues, knowing that they have the most accurate, up-to-date information - all while collaborating with the team and keeping everyone informed.

Reliability, Quality, and Training

Raise issues as they occur to instantly involve the right parties and reduce the cycle time to resolve. This distributed, always-on approach to quality, safety and training means that companies who execute this way are far more effective.

Managerial Oversight

Management needs to know what's going on without being overloaded. They also need transparency into how the team's performing, as well as the confidence that basic job requirements are being executed effectively - and that the underlying process is always improving. With SynapseMX, they have that and more.