Ban maintenance complexity forever

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We boost maintenance technician efficiency by 30 to 50% or more!

Leave your competition in the dust without blowing the budget

Standardize the work

An operation that runs at peak efficiency has best practices that all teams and branch locations follow. Help your team know what's expected of them and create the standard to measure against.

Measure and manage

In the past, it's been hard to find and fix bottlenecks because the work done by people was hard to measure. On the SynapseMX platform, tracking who, what, and when becomes easy.

Improve team efficiency

Reduce lag time between people by helping them work better together. Easily link business processes together, like automatically notifying someone when a job or a service call needs them.


Material Handling Service Provider

Specializations are distribution and fulfillment, transportation management, material handling services, and warehouse real estate management.


Team efficiency had peaked using a legacy software and existing processes.


A lean workforce and a “get it done” mentality meant variations in procedures.


Eliminate handoff errors, reduce “stale” repair orders, improve team efficiency.


Improved coordination between teams and better technician velocity, leading to increased revenues.

Becoming the "digital you"


Convert your procedures

Take a look at what you do today and figure out what you need to keep. Remember, the old way may have lots of workarounds hidden in it. Get input from your people to make sure the procedures are current. 


Get devices for your people

You'll need to figure out what kind of device is right for the work and who on your team needs them. Once you have them set up and handed out, double check that people have the access they need. 


Train and go live

Generally, it's best to roll out "the new way" as a workgroup - for instance, all of the technicians at a branch. Once they're trained, remove the paper processes to ensure the team is in sync.

The benefits of a SynapseMX-enhanced Material Handling Logistics company

A summary of the key benefits:

  • Team workflows are standardized.
  • Measuring performance and productivity becomes easy.
  • The team constantly improves as bottlenecks are easier to pinpoint.
  • Maintenance execution costs drop.
  • Daily chaos becomes easily managed, so the company can tackle anything.