U.S. Air Force SBIR contract awarded to SynapseMX

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U.S. Air Force SBIR contract awarded to SynapseMX

Atlanta, GA, 3/9/20– SynapseMX Inc., a leading Aviation Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) firm in the field of real-time, mobile-enabled maintenance execution and management has been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research Phase I USAF contract to evaluate how the SynapseMX platform can help the United States Air Force modernize as part of the "Base of the Future" initiative.

SynapseMX provides more relevant, more useful, and more trackable information for maintenance execution than existing maintenance solutions, with a goal of making maintenance technicians/maintainers more productive at the aircraft.

The SynapseMX platform uses modern workflow methods and artificial intelligence to unlock critical gaps in understanding fleet readiness, make useful data available at the aircraft, and provide a way for leadership to stay updated without injecting themselves in the process or becoming a bottleneck.

“We are excited to work with the Air Force to investigate the utility of our industry-leading technologies that improve the visibility of unscheduled maintenance activities while streamlining team workflows for airmen," said Shane Ballman, CEO of SynapseMX. "The SynapseMX platform was built from our experiences in the commercial airline industry and has been proven to help teams reduce aircraft downtime during unscheduled work. The SBIR award of this USAF contract allows us to evaluate how we can expand to address defense-related needs as well."

This is especially important in today's aviation environment, as manpower shortages for maintainers/technicians coupled with increasing demands of fleet readiness targets and operational performance goals make it urgent to find new efficiencies.

About SynapseMX Inc.: SynapseMX focuses on solving the daily operational headaches that happen during  unscheduled maintenance execution. SynapseMX, based in Atlanta, GA, was founded in 2015 to help lean maintenance teams make better decisions quicker during unscheduled maintenance events. Its new platform was recently called a Top 10 Cool New MRO Product by Aviation Week.

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To learn more about SynapseMX, please visit synapsemx.com.