Why We Always Book the Window Seat

Ban maintenance complexity forever

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Why We Always Book the Window Seat

If you ask most of the traveling public, the overall opinion seems to be that commercial air travel has lost most of its romance and luxury. The ability to fly to nearly anywhere in the world at almost any time is often taken for granted, and stories of delays, shrinking seats, obnoxious TSA agents, and increasing baggage fees has created a constant reminder that flying is more work than fun.

But we at SynapseMX tend to disagree. We always book the window seats.

Flying is as fascinating to us now as it ever was. We are pilots, mechanics, managers, consultants, and above all else enthusiasts. We don’t look at an airport and see a horde of weary travelers and noisy vehicles- we see one of the most impressive ballets on earth where thousands of aviation professionals enable hundreds of engineering marvels to transport us to friends, family, and faraway destinations every single day. If you aren’t looking out the window, you are missing out.

A Weekend of Flying from SynapseMX on Vimeo.