How to Make the Most out of NBAA This Year

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How to Make the Most out of NBAA This Year

In just a few weeks, thousands of business aviation professionals will descend on Orlando, Florida for the annual Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition, otherwise known as NBAA-BACE or simply “NBAA 2016.” It’s a great networking opportunity regardless of your profession in the industry, so we’ve got 5 tips to make the most of your time in Orlando.

1. Plan Ahead.


Now is the critical time to pre-flight. Begin your email campaign to notify customers and other contacts that you’ll be in attendance, and include any pertinent information such as your booth number or any panels you may be participating in or attending. You wouldn’t fly cross country without a proper flight plan, would you? Make plans now to set up meetings and ensure that you’ll get some face time with the people who matter most to you. Don’t count on others to be able to make time for you on the spot.

2. Download the App.


One of the best ways to conduct that pre-flight is to download the NBAA Events app to your mobile device. Not only does it have handy vendor maps and lists, it also features a contacts list that will help other professionals find your contact information easily, and vice versa. Additionally, the app contains a scheduler that will automatically sort events as you select them, ensuring you don’t miss that important waypoint.

3. Think Beyond the Convention.


Most of the action at NBAA will occur at the convention itself, but don’t miss an opportunity to divert from the chaos to conduct business meetings off-site. Your clients will likely appreciate the opportunity to grab lunch or a coffee without yelling over the drone of APUs or product demos.

4. Work as a Team.


If possible, make your convention trip a flight of two or even three. It’s handy to send a partner or employee walking the convention while you hold down the booth, ensuring that you can make as many contacts as possible. This can also ensure that your team doesn’t have to miss panels or other scheduled events that may overlap.

5. Attend Panels


Not only do NBAA panels offer an immense amount of information from some of the leading experts in business aviation, they can also help you achieve that Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) certification. Just look for the small CAM symbol next to panels on the event schedule to find out which ones qualify.

If you are a looking for ways to keep your business on the cutting edge of aviation maintenance, check out SynapseMX’s hosted panel “Aircraft Maintenance – Is Technology Leaving You Behind?” at NBAA-BACE 2016. We can’t wait to see you there!